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BlackBox Security Monitor is a first security-monitoring software program, that addresses the following three aspects of PC and Internet usage monitoring: (a) privacy, (b) efficiency and (c) ability to use mobile devices for monitoring. BlackBox Security Monitor is a result of significant work (more than 15 thousand man hours) effort of experienced programmers with comprehensive knowledge in system internals, communication protocols and large scale monitoring.

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ASM Software was founded in 2009 in Maryland after significant research and development effort in the field of security monitoring. Our company is committed to provide customers with the best possible state of the art software solutions. We are striving to combine innovation in our advanced product line with easy to use simplicity and user-friendliness.

ASM Software pioneered usage of mobile devices and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for monitoring. We are taking privacy of our customers very seriously by having all information encrypted, including data and all communication traffic. Our products do not communicate with any network hosts for any purposes, such as license activation, software updates, etc.

Our customers are our greatest assets. What you are thinking about our company and about our products is crucial to us. We are committed to serve you best, listen to your voice and has our software development process been driven by user community.

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04/26/2017 ASM Software announces the latest build of BlackBox Pro and Pro Plus: Build 236 is ready for download. This a new release with full support of Windows 10, latest user interface improvements and bug fixes.

11/20/2013 We are excited to announce that our website now supports PayPal payments.

04/05/2012 BlackBox Pro and Pro Plus build 229 are ready for download. This a new release with user interface improvements and bug fixes.

02/08/2012 BlackBox Professional and BlackBox Pro Plus build 226 are ready for download. This a maintenance release with lots of bug fixes based from our users feedback.

07/28/2011 ASM Software announces the latest addition to BlackBox product line - BlackBox Pro Plus Control Panel with extension of licensing offerings of BlackBox Professional up to 200 computers. We encourage all our current enterprise customers to try them both.

04/24/2011 BlackBox Professional build 198 is ready for download. This build include bug fixes and improved email and text massages notifications for alerts and warnings.

03/26/2011 BlackBox Pro build 195 is ready. This is a maintenance with bug fixes.

01/20/2011 BlackBox Professional build 192 is on the website. This update includes better internationalization support for non-English localities.

12/30/2010 BlackBox Professional SP 1 (build 183) is ready. New features include: Support of monitoring of multiple user sessions (which includes monitoring of RDP, Fast User Switching and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environments), unique support of Windows Live Messenger 2011 and international keystroke interception. Also lots of bug fixes are are in this Service Pack.

11/07/2010 BlackBox Professional build 178 and BlackBox Express build 85 are ready. Both builds include bug fixes and monitoring improvements.

10/24/2010 ASM Software announces new extension of BlackBox product line: BlackBox Security Monitor Express and BlackBox Security Monitor Professional. Check out our redesigned website today and try our new exciting products!

09/19/2010 BlackBox Security Monitor build 77 is posted on the website. This is a maintenance update with bug fixes.

07/01/2010 BlackBox Security Monitor build 73 is ready. It includes improvements in email monitoring and notifications as well as lot of bug fixes. Give it a try today!

05/26/2010 BlackBox Security Monitor build 71 is posted to the website. This is a maintenance update with bug fixes.

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